What We Do

"Would we buy this game?"


 With our very unique variety of gamers/game developers we are turning against the grain of modern game development by corporations back to the old school model of games. We don't have any "pay to play" or BS "exclusive content" we just make games using the best possible assets and knowledge obtainable.

Our Goal


We are all old school gamers and we all don't like the direction of today's games and other Virtual Entertainment. $20+ for a "pre-release"? We are a 100% Independent development team. Our standard and company moral is "Would we buy this game?". If the answer is no we won't even present it. 

Vulkan: Future Proofing for Your Wallet and Cross Platform compatibility

Vulkan enables cross platform gaming so no matter what you game on, Your In!

Virtual Revolution is committed to creating games that are "Hardware Agnostic". This means whether you are playing on a med tier PC or even Console (PlayStation 4/PSVR and Xbox One or newer). That's why we choose the industry leading Vulkan API by Khronos.

Pre Alpha Testing

Some of the very first pre Alpha footage.

Oculus Rift SBS

Display settings set to High sustaining a decent FPS on an AMD FX-9590 (16GB) / AMD RX-580 (8GB VRAM)